I am a British documentary photographer from the south coast of England, currently based in North America. I have also lived in Hong Kong SAR, China and travelled extensively for photographic work. I am represented by Sipa USA and contribute images on a regular basis to the New York bureau, and also to the Sipa Press, Paris, France bureau. In addition to offering images on speculation, I complete assignments for Sipa USA, and liaise with the photo editors and pitch different ideas which may hold international interest. Contributed images are added to both Sipa image archives and available to clients and associate photo agencies worldwide. Through a varied career shooting local and international assignments, I’ve gained a wealth of experience and have built a portfolio of breaking news, documentary photo essays and editorial work. As a photographer I am able to follow instructions, work independently, shoot in difficult conditions and meet all deadlines, while delivering compelling images on a consistent basis to editors. As a photo editor I am able to recognize the compelling and powerful pictures of others, lead by example, direct, edit, delegate and run a busy photo desk with adeptness and attention to detail. Truth and accuracy are paramount. In addition to my photography skills, I have extensive experience writing full length feature articles of more than 2,000 words to accompany my photo essays. My writing has been published in the Ecologist magazine; Oneworld magazine; The Toronto Star; The Globe and Mail; The Vancouver Sun; Zi Magazine and others. I am also adept at writing summaries and have extensive experience writing tight editorial captions to a variety of writing styles. Long-term documentary projects include, HIV/AIDS; Agent Orange contamination in Viêt Nam; Landmines and amputees in post conflict countries including Viêt Nam and Cambodia; Leprosy in Southeast Asia and free NGO health care in developing nations, including coverage of the Children's Surgical Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.